No Tattoos; Die Naked.

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NO TATTOOS DIE NAKED is a streetwear brand created by me (Guz) est. in November 2012.
My online store is
instagram: notattoosdienaked

No Tattoos? then...Die Naked!! All are beautiful, dying naked or not, from no tattoos to one tattoo, to many; All are beautiful and should be appreciated.

This blog is to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of all those tattooed, while also promoting what NO TATTOOS DIE NAKED is about and the products.
I do not take credit for the photos on my blog (except those pertaining to no tattoos die naked apparel. I try to give credit where I can.
If you have a tattoo image you would like posted on my blog, submit it to me, i love seeing new art...and add your link if you'd like :) Thanks!

    We love this piece by @d_swambo_tattoo ! Go check out his work!! πŸ’‰πŸ’‰
#tattoos #tattoo #ntdn #notattoosdienaked #qualityink #goodtattoos

    We love this piece by @d_swambo_tattoo ! Go check out his work!! πŸ’‰πŸ’‰
    #tattoos #tattoo #ntdn #notattoosdienaked #qualityink #goodtattoos

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    #tattoos  #notattoosdienaked  #goodtattoos  #tattoo  #ntdn  #qualityink 
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